Is Your Commercial Boiler Safely Doing Its Job?

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Is Your Commercial Boiler Safely Doing Its Job?

Is Your Commercial Boiler Safely Doing Its Job?

12 May 2020
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High-temperature HVAC appliances such as commercial boilers require special care and maintenance to stay safe. But if you don't have time to inspect or even maintain your boiler regularly, the appliance could become unsafe to operate or use. If your commercial boiler has any of the issues below, call an HVAC contractor today.

Your Boiler Consistently Loses Pressure

Most commercial and industrial boilers operate under intense pressure. The pressure allows your boiler to generate the steam it needs to complete your daily tasks. When the pressure lowers inside a commercial boiler, it can cause some problems for you. The problems can become worse if your boiler loses pressure on a consistent basis. 

Your boiler may lose pressure for a number of reasons. The appliance's pressure control valves may loosen up from constant use, or tiny, pinhole leaks may develop around the valves. The valves may allow steam and pressure to escape your boiler during the day.

Your Boiler's Safety Control Mechanisms Don't Work

Valve leaks aren't the only things that can cause problems with your boiler. The device may also have problems with its safety control features. Manufacturers install many safety features in their boilers. Mechanisms such as limit control switches and low-water cutoff switches automatically shut off boilers when needed. If the switches or controls on your boiler malfunction, your boiler will shut down.

If you're constantly resetting the safety controls on your boiler during the day, have a commercial HVAC contractor examine the controls and your boiler immediately. If they can't monitor or control the steam output, water levels, or temperature inside your boiler, it could be extraordinary dangerous for your workers and business. Boilers can combust or explode once the temperature inside them exceeds a certain range. 

If a contractor replaces the control mechanisms and the boiler still has a problem, they'll check the control pressure valves for leaks. A contractor may be able repair the valves or replace them altogether.

Be sure to have your commercial boiler checked on a routine basis. An HVAC contractor can check your boiler based on the device's:

  • age
  • capacity
  • size.

A contractor may also clean out your boiler if needed. Boilers can build up sediment, such as hard water minerals, over time. Sediment can disrupt the appliance's ability to heat and contain water.

For more information about your ailing boiler, contact a commercial HVAC contractor that offers commercial boiler services for an appointment today.

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