Installation Of Central Air Conditioning In Older Homes Without This Feature

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Installation Of Central Air Conditioning In Older Homes Without This Feature

Installation Of Central Air Conditioning In Older Homes Without This Feature

11 June 2021
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Central air conditioning provides distinct advantages for households. The residents enjoy a cool environment and reduced humidity on excessively warm days. Cool air blows from vents in all the rooms instead of only from one window unit. Having central air also makes it easier to sell a house at a higher price.

These systems have been installed as standard features in new homes for many years. However, not all older houses have had the equipment installed yet.

Homes Without This Appliance

In some cases, the homeowners aren't bothered by hot weather and feel satisfied with a window machine. Perhaps their work environment is not air conditioned, so they are used to the heat. Not until they sell the house does a new owner schedule central air installation.

Other people own homes that do not have ductwork for heating or cooling. Instead, heat is provided by a boiler and radiators, an under-floor furnace, or electric baseboards. They might have hesitated to schedule central air installation because of the extra labor and materials required.

Resale Considerations

Houses with these systems sell faster and at a higher price than comparable homes without this climate control feature. During the summer, it can be especially difficult to sell a home without the equipment because prospective buyers feel how unpleasantly warm the rooms are.

These real estate shoppers might continue their search or make an offer that's low enough so they can afford to schedule AC installation. They know how difficult it is to cool more than a room or two with just a window unit. That's especially true for a long ranch-style or multi-story house.

Reducing Electricity Costs

The household residents may feel a little concerned about higher electric bills. They'll have lower costs if the thermostat is set at 78 degrees when people are at home. That's the temperature recommended by the Department of Energy. The setting can be raised a bit when nobody will be around for several hours. Running floor and ceiling fans helps everyone feel comfortable at this temperature. 

Yearly Maintenance

After installation, the homeowners can largely prevent breakdowns and the need for repair work by scheduling an annual tune-up. They should have this done for the furnace as well. Heating and cooling technicians can complete both projects during the same appointment. Eventually, when parts become worn, the workers replace them before they break or stop working. That yearly maintenance also keeps both appliances operating at peak efficiency.

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