Ductless Heating Maintenance That's Needed To Keep Your Heat Pump Working Efficiently

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Ductless Heating Maintenance That's Needed To Keep Your Heat Pump Working Efficiently

Ductless Heating Maintenance That's Needed To Keep Your Heat Pump Working Efficiently

5 August 2022
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If you have eliminated ducts by getting a new ductless heating system, you won't have to worry about cleaning the ducts, but you'll still need to provide regular maintenance to the equipment. The warranty might require you to have an annual service call from a licensed heating technician. There are also things you can do to maintain the equipment yourself. Here's a look at what ductless heating maintenance entails.

Check The Refrigerant 

Refrigerant is used to create heat in a ductless heating system, so it's important that the refrigerant level is checked to make sure there are no leaks in the coil or lines. If a leak is found, repairs need to be made to plug it so the refrigerant can be maintained at the proper level. If refrigerant leaks out, your heat pump can't work.

Clear The Condensation Drain

Another important maintenance task the technician may do is clear the condensation drain. The blowers inside your home create condensation that drips into a drain and flows outside. If the drain gets clogged, condensation will back up and spill out around the blower. This could cause water to drip inside and get the wall and floor wet. The maintenance technician may blow out the drain just to make sure it's clear.

Check Electrical Parts 

The technician will probably check electrical parts in the blowers and condenser to make sure everything tests okay. This may also involve checking the capacitor in the condenser too. If the capacitor is worn out or dead, the condenser won't get the power it needs to run the fan and compressor. The technician wants to make sure all the parts get power and are operating properly.

Clean The Coil

The coil in the condenser needs to be kept as clean as possible so your heat pump can create heat efficiently. The maintenance technician may clean the coil by scrubbing it and using coil cleaner. They'll probably check the fins on the side of the coil to make sure they aren't clogged with grass clippings or smashed.

Clean The Blowers

Another maintenance task you'll need to keep up with over the winter is cleaning the filters in the blowers. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer on how often to rinse or wipe down the filters. You'll also need to dust the blowers and make sure they aren't obstructed so you get maximum airflow that keeps you warm.

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