A Problematic Central Air Conditioning System

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A Problematic Central Air Conditioning System

A Problematic Central Air Conditioning System

10 March 2017
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A hot house can be miserable to live in, especially during the night when you are trying to fall asleep. Using a fan in a hot house will usually not do much good because all it does is circulate the warm air. If you have a central air conditioning system that is out of order, you might want to invest in getting it repaired. The problem might not be as serious as you may think, as there are numerous things that can cause an HVAC system to stop functioning. Read on to learn more about AC problems and the repairs that your system might need.

There Is No Action When the System Is On

If there are no signs that the system is actually working when you turn it on, the air handler might be the problem. You are not likely going to hear any noise if the air handler is worn out. It is possible that the motor in the handler is the only part that is causing problems. The motor can be replaced if it is necessary, as it is needed to help the fan rotate in the handler. Your air conditioning system is unable to function if the air handler fan does not rotate.

Air Does Not Cool to the Thermostat Temperature

If the air never cools down to the temperature on the thermostat, a few things should be of a concern. For example, it is possible that the thermostat needle is the problem. The needle may not move accurately when you are setting the temperature. You might need to get the needle tightened up, or replace the thermostat altogether. Other things that can cause cooling problems include low coolant, a damaged evaporator coil, and dirty air ducts.

The System Has to Run for a Long Time

There should be no reason for you to have to run the air conditioning system for a long time before it reaches a satisfactory temperature. It is a good idea to hire a professional to thoroughly inspect every part of the system. You might need to invest in numerous repairs to fix the problem. The age of your air conditioning system might play a role in having to run it for so long. A contractor will be able to let you know if replacing the system altogether is a better option than spending money on so many repairs.

If your AC is experiencing any of the above problems, talk to a professional like Edge Guys HVAC for advice.

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