The Many Benefits Of Ductless HVAC That Homeowners Often Overlook

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The Many Benefits Of Ductless HVAC That Homeowners Often Overlook

The Many Benefits Of Ductless HVAC That Homeowners Often Overlook

23 September 2017
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You have probably heard of ductless AC by now, and want to learn more about its benefits. A ductless HVAC system is more than just an AC without ductwork. There are many things that can be done with these air conditioning systems, and they are also going to give you the benefit of affordable energy savings. Some of the benefits of ductless HVAC systems that get overlooked include:

Mini-Split Systems Give Your More Options for Ductless HVAC

Mini-split systems are the ductless HVAC systems that have the outdoor unit and indoor air handlers separate from each other. This gives you many options for the AC installation, such as locating a noisy AC unit away from the main living areas of your home. With ductless mini-split systems, there is also the option of adding several indoor units to one outdoor air conditioner. This design allows you to use AC for just a small addition that needs cooling or as an HVAC solution for your entire home with a zoned design.

Ductless Heating and Cooling with A Heat Pump for Your Home

With a ductless HVAC system, there is also the option of heating and cooling. With the use of a heat pump, your home will have to cooling, as well as heating. These systems are ideal for southern climates where the winters are mild. Even in a colder climate, the heat pump can help reduce heating costs when you use it during mildly cold weather. Heat pumps are also an efficient way of cooling your home and will help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

An Ideal Solution to Add HVAC To Your Home Where It Is Needed

Ductless AC give you many options for cooling your home. It is an ideal system for adding HVAC to areas of your home that need it. If you have a garage, shop or sunroom, the HVAC will give you comfort in these areas. You may also want to consider ductless systems for areas like a finished basement or home addition, which may not have HVAC ductwork installed. Installing a ductless AC in these areas is often more affordable than upgrading the existing HVAC system in your home.

These are some of the benefits of ductless AC systems that often get overlooked. If you are looking for an efficient solution for your home's air conditioning, contact an HVAC company like All American Air & Electric, Inc. and ask them about newer heat pump systems that can provide you with ductless heating and cooling.

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