5 Signs You Should Call Your Landlord About A Heating System Issue

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5 Signs You Should Call Your Landlord About A Heating System Issue

5 Signs You Should Call Your Landlord About A Heating System Issue

30 December 2019
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As a renter, you might not think that you will have to worry about heating system repairs very often. However, there might be times when you will need to call your landlord about the heater in your rental unit, such as in the five scenarios below.

1. Your Heater Isn't Working at All

Turning on the heater in your apartment or rental home should be a quick and easy process, and you should be able to heat up your rental in no time. If the heater does not work at all -- or if it does not seem to be working adequately -- then you should let your landlord know as soon as possible. Then, he or she can make arrangements to repair it so that you can keep your rental at a safe and comfortable temperature.

2. Your Heater is Making Strange Noises

In general, your heating system should not be too noisy when it's being used. You will probably be able to hear it when your unit turns off and on, and you might hear a quiet sound while your heater is running. If there is beating, banging or other loud noises coming from your heater, on the other hand, your landlord should probably be made aware of the situation.

3. Your Utility Bills are Extra High

If you pay your own utility bills, then you might not talk to your landlord about them very often. In some cases, though, high utility bills could be a sign that something is wrong. It is normal for your utility bills to go up a little bit during the winter, particularly if you have to run your heating system a lot. If you notice that your utility bills are very high, such as if they were higher than what you paid when living in the same rental last year, then you might want to let your landlord know. It could be an indication that there is something wrong with the heater or that your rental unit is not sealed up properly from the elements.

4. Your Heater is Giving Off a Strange Smell

When you turn on the heater in your rental unit for the first time of the season, you might notice a minor odor. This is normal. If the odor continues, though, or if you notice a strange smell in the middle of winter, you should let your landlord know right away. There could be an issue with your heating system that will make it dangerous to use or that could lead to it breaking down.

5. Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors Aren't Working

In many places, landlords are required to keep operable smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in all of their rental properties. Even if your landlord has done this, there is the possibility that your carbon monoxide detectors aren't working. If your landlord does not know about this issue, then he or she might not think to ask you about it. Therefore, you should check the carbon monoxide detectors in your rental on a regular basis, and you should let your landlord know if you have any problems.

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