Preventing Common Drain Problems

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Preventing Common Drain Problems

Preventing Common Drain Problems

8 April 2020
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Drain maintenance is easily one of the aspects of homeownership that can create major problems for the home if some basic steps are not followed. While it may not seem like failing to clean the drains will be able to pose these types of issues, this mistake can easily lead to the drains clogging or the area near the drain developing extremely unpleasant odors.

Clean The Drains At The First Indication Of Slowing Or Smells

It can be easy to delay addressing developing drain problems. However, this can greatly increase the risk of the drain problem becoming far more difficult to address. For example, if there are odors developing due to organic matter being in the drains, this could eventually result in a stubborn clog forming deep in the drains. In addition to avoiding the potential of more serious problems in the future, promptly cleaning the drains can help to make this task much easier. If this problem is addressed early, it may be possible to neutralize these problems by thoroughly flushing the drain with cleaning chemicals that can neutralize the bacteria in the drains.

Limit The Amount Of Grease And Hair The Enters The Drains

Limiting the amount of grease and hair that can enter the drains may be an important step in avoiding the need for frequent drain cleanings. Unfortunately, there are some homeowners that may fail to take any steps to reduce the amount of these materials that could enter the drains. For hair, this can be easily done with a drain strainer as it will actually be able to catch the hair strands that would have otherwise entered the plumbing through the drain. Grease can be more difficult to prevent as this will largely depend on you remembering to pour the grease from cooking in a separate container. Installing a grease trap can be an option, but it is likely to be overkill for the needs of most homes.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals To Clean The Drains

Cleaning the drains will be an important step, but you must be careful with the chemicals that you are using for this work. If you use harsh chemical cleaners, you can actually cause severe weakening of the seals and interior of the pipes. Hiring a professional drain cleaning service to handle this work for your home is likely to be the most effective option as it will allow you to enjoy the benefits of clean drains without having to do this work yourself or risk using overly harsh chemicals while doing this maintenance.

To learn more about drain cleaning, contact a plumber or drain cleaning service in your area.

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