Home Air Conditioning: Why Do Evaporator Coils Ice Up?

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Home Air Conditioning: Why Do Evaporator Coils Ice Up?

Home Air Conditioning: Why Do Evaporator Coils Ice Up?

4 August 2020
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If your home is so hot that you need to place box fans in your windows to cool down, your evaporator could be covered in ice. The evaporator coil absorbs all of the heat and moisture from the air inside your home. If air can't move through the coil, the device will freeze. Thaw out your icy evaporator coil and keep your home cool with the information below.

Why Did Your Evaporator Coil Ice Up?

Several things can keep the coil from absorbing heat and moisture, including a lack of airflow. In order for air to flow in and out of the evaporator coil freely, the air filter inside the air handling unit must be clean or properly changed. A dirty air filter will gradually minimize air circulation through the unit and cause the evaporator coil to freeze. 

If the coil does freeze up, you'll know it. The air blowing out of your air vents might feel lukewarm to the touch. Your house may also smelly musty or damp if mold grows on the coil or inside the air handler. 

A frozen evaporator coil can cause a host of other serious problems for your home and cooling system, including mechanical failure. If you contact an HVAC technician today, you can melt the ice on the evaporator coil and prevent other issues from occurring.

Can You Melt the Ice on Your Evaporator Coil?

Before an HVAC technician thaws out the evaporator coil, they'll need to find out why it froze up in the first place. If a dirty air filter caused the coil to freeze, an HVAC technician will change the coil and clean out the air filtering compartment. You'll need to change the filter again in the future to keep the evaporator coil from icing up. 

If something else caused the coil to freeze up, such as warped or bent fins, a technician will repair them. Evaporator coil fins can break, bend, warp, or even stick together over time. If air can't push through the fins, the coil will freeze. You may want to ask a technician for advice on how to keep the fins from breaking or bending in the future.

If a technician discovers another issue with the evaporator coil, they may suggest you replace the device soon. The parts inside the coil may be severely damaged or beyond repair. 

You can learn more about frozen evaporator coils and how to repair yours by contacting an HVAC technician that offers air conditioning services today.

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