3 Times Noises Tell You Need An Air Conditioning Repair

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3 Times Noises Tell You Need An Air Conditioning Repair

3 Times Noises Tell You Need An Air Conditioning Repair

22 September 2020
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No air conditioning system runs completely silently. Your system will make some noises as it turns on and off and when it runs. You'll learn to ignore these sounds as you get used to them.

However, there are times when your system makes noises that you shouldn't ignore. They may be a sign that it needs a repair.

When should you call in an air conditioning repair service?

1. Normal Cycle Noises Don't Stop

Sometimes, a faulty unit or system tells you that there is a problem because it keeps making sounds that you don't normally hear all of the time. These are often noises that the system makes when it powers on or off.

So, for example, your system may make quiet clicking sounds when it cycles on and then cycles off. These sounds are normal at these times.

However, if your system doesn't stop clicking as soon as usual or if it clicks away whenever it is on, then you may have a problem to fix. You could have a problem with an electrical control, such as your thermostat.

2. Regular Noises Get Louder

If you've taken time to pick a quiet-running system, then you may be surprised if the system gets louder when it is running. You may be used to hearing a gentle background hum. An increase in volume in this regular sound could be a sign you have a problem.

For example, louder humming noises might mean that you have a problem with an electrical component. Or you could have a loose connection somewhere.

If something is loose in your system, it may cause vibrations as it knocks against other parts. A louder and strained humming noise might be an indication that your system is having to work too hard to operate normally because of a defective part.

3. New Noises Start Appearing

While regular noises that increase in frequency or volume are worrying, you may be more concerned if you hear noises coming out of your system that you haven't heard before. Louder clanks, bangs, screeches, and buzzes can sound quite alarming.

New and unusual noises need investigating. They could be a sign of a blockage, a broken connection or part, or even a failing motor.

If you've been hearing unusual noises, it's important to move quickly. Even if you don't hear these noises all the time, they could point to internal damage or malfunction. Left alone, things could get worse.

So, it makes sense to call out an air conditioning repair service. They can take a look at your system, identify the cause of the noise and fix it for you.

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