6 Ways To Follow For Proper Drain Maintenance

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6 Ways To Follow For Proper Drain Maintenance

6 Ways To Follow For Proper Drain Maintenance

16 April 2021
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Most people tend to believe if their drains are well-functioning, they should not worry. So they sit back and wait until they encounter clogs and blockage. They end up devoting a lot of time and cash to sort them out. To avoid such a situation, you should create a routine of caring for your drain. Here are a few ways to maintain a drain:

1. Use drain guards

It is usually tricky to control whatever is passing through the drains when you are not on the lookout for them. Using drain guards lessens the amount of litter that goes through your drain. It helps in collecting the waste, which will later be picked and disposed of in a bin.

2.Clean Regularly

Like any other part of the house, drains should be cleaned regularly. Use bactericide solutions to clean and maintain your drains. Use cleaning agents that are natural to prevent pipe decay.

3. Use hot water

Oil is one of the components that pose a challenge in the cleaning process. It accumulates and sticks inside the pipe, thus causing a blockage. Hot water helps to melt the oil and keeps water flowing down the drain. It is easy and prevents the drain from being slow.

4. Proper hair disposal

You are likely not bothered by the falling hair when you are taking a bath. All that hair washed out accumulate around the plugs, hence causing a blockage. The same applies to pet fur. Always collect all the hairs on your shower drain and put them in a bin. This will intensely lower the risk of having your drain blocked.

5. Adjust water pressure

Often, water force can cause blockages. If the water force is too low, it will be difficult for the waste to be forced down the pipe. Turning up high pressure can bring about more destruction to your pipes. Always tweak the water pressure to the proper levels.

6. Seek professional help

It is obvious that maintenance is not all that is required. Some problems are too big to handle by yourself. If you are not sure how to progress, do not hesitate to contact a professional plumber. It saves you the stress of interrupting your household activities.

Drain problems are not always foreseen until it's late in the day. Performing regular drain maintenance is a crucial way of keeping drains and sewers from possible blockages. It saves you monetary issues and keeps the environment safe.

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