5 Things That Are Damaging Your Air Conditioner

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5 Things That Are Damaging Your Air Conditioner

5 Things That Are Damaging Your Air Conditioner

15 October 2021
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With proper care and maintenance, your home's AC system should keep you cool for many years. Unfortunately, some innocent mistakes can lead to problems. Knowing what they are located helps you spot them for quick repairs and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. 

1. Dirt In the System

Dirt can restrict airflow through the AC, causing it to work harder and increasing the chances of failure. The most common location where dirt builds up is in the filter and filter housing, which is why AC filters need to be changed every month or two during the cooling season. It's also a good idea to clean ducts periodically and make sure the main unit is dusted out during annual maintenance.

2. Closed Vents

Your AC system was designed and sized to the layout of your home. By closing a vent, you may be restricting airflow and causing undue stress on the mechanical parts in the AC. This may lead to a need for more frequent repairs or to poor cooling as air no longer circulates freely about the home. Check vents and registers often to make sure they are open and unobstructed. 

3. Damaged Coils

The exterior part of the AC has what appears to be fins or vents. These are the condenser coils. Dirt and damage on these coils reduce their ability to function, which means your AC doesn't cool as well and it may have to work harder. One task during the annual tuneup is to clean the coils and then use a special tool to straighten them so that they work as efficiently as possible. 

4. Blocked Air Circulation

Lack of air circulation around the AC unit can cause the blower motor to overheat. Blocked airflow can also result in frozen coils and unit shutdowns. For this reason, exterior units should be installed in an area where plants and landscaping features don't encroach too closely. Your repair tech may also recommend periodically opening up the unit to remove any dead leaves or debris that collects inside. 

5. Leaking Ducts

Not all issues are with the AC itself. The ductwork in your home can suffer damage that impacts how well the AC cools. Leaks can be the result of normal thermal expansion, failed fasteners, or damage from work in nearby areas. A duct inspection can spot problems and air leaks so that repairs can be made. 

Contact an air-conditioning repair and maintenance service if your unit is suffering any of these issues.

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