3 Signs That Tell You It's Time To Call The Plumber

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3 Signs That Tell You It's Time To Call The Plumber

3 Signs That Tell You It's Time To Call The Plumber

9 December 2021
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As a homeowner, it is really important to make sure that you are well aware of when it is time to call for a plumber. This way, what may start out as a very small problem does not turn into something much worse. Don't make the mistake of putting off calling for professional plumbing work because of the cost, as leaving a plumbing issue alone will cause you to spend even more money in the future. It is best to call a plumber right away should you notice any of the following:

The Drains Are Noticeably Smelly

It could be the drains in your sinks, in your shower or tub, or even the drains in your basement. Either way, if you are starting to notice a pungent smell, it is time to call for professional plumbing services. Don't assume that you can just live with the smell for a while, because it is not so much the smell that is the problem, but rather the cause of the smell. There is a chance that this could be the result of a clogged sewer line. If that's not dealt with soon, you could end up with a sewage backup in your home.

Your Water Bill Has Increased

This could be the only indication that you have a plumbing problem if it is hidden from sight. Now, if the water bill has only increased a little bit and you have had extra people staying in your home, that would be understandable. The more people in the home, the higher the water bill will be. However, if you are noticing a pretty steep increase in your water bill and you have no explanation for it, you will want to give a plumber a call. There could be a broken line somewhere and water is leaking into the area behind your walls, causing damage to insulation.

The Drains Are Very Slow To Drain

If you are just having trouble with one drain, you might try to use a solution meant to help break up clogs. If it is a bathtub or shower drain, it could be something as simple as a clump of hair getting in the way. However, if you cannot get the one drain clear or all of the drains in the house are slow to drain, you will want to schedule an appointment with the plumber.

The sooner you call for plumbing repair work, the less damage there will be in the end.

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