Residential Air Conditioning Installation - Great Planning Tips For Homeowners

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Residential Air Conditioning Installation - Great Planning Tips For Homeowners

Residential Air Conditioning Installation - Great Planning Tips For Homeowners

7 July 2023
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If you've committed fully to a new AC unit, you need to set it up in your home. Residential AC installation isn't something you want to wing. Instead, you want to have solid plans, and these tips can help.

Clear Space For Installation Crew 

It's safe to assume you'll hire a professional company to help you install a new AC unit. They need space to work, so days before they come out, make sure you clear up areas that need it. 

For instance, you want to ensure that your interior has clear walkways and that professionals can easily access your property's front and back parts.

You should also contact the installation crew to find out what areas they need to get to, so you can ensure they're clutter-free. 

Decide What to Do With Existing Ductwork 

An important decision you need to make when installing a new AC unit is what to do with the ductwork currently in your home. Do you leave it be or scrap it entirely?

Your decision will depend on the condition of the ductwork and whether or not it's compatible with your new AC unit. You can discuss both topics with your installer to determine what to do. 

Go Through Each Installation Stage With Installer

Once you find an installer to work with, take some time to go through each installation stage with them. Preliminary planning keeps you on the same page and less nervous about what happens around your property.

A couple of days before installation, your installer should cover stages like how AC parts will ship, which components get set up first, and how cleanup will go after installation. You don't have to remember every detail, but just pay attention to the general overview of each stage. 

Don't Let Changes Cause Frustration 

Even if you have sound plans for how an AC installation will go, things sometimes change. For instance, it might take longer to ship AC parts to your home or you might need a different condenser. 

As long as you prepare for potential changes in advance, they won't cause you much stress. Instead, you can accept them and move on with your installation.

As you prepare to install a new AC unit in your home, make sure you have every phase mapped out in great detail. Nothing should take you by surprise or lead to extra costs if you plan strategically weeks before installation. 

Contact a local company to learn more about residential air conditioning services.

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