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Signs Your AC Might Be Leaking Refrigerant And How An HVAC Technician Can Fix The Problem

23 April 2019
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When the refrigerant in your air conditioner starts leaking out, your AC will slowly stop cooling. If the leak is tiny, it could take a long time for all the refrigerant to escape, but if you have multiple leaks or a large leak, then you could be without cool air in a short amount of time. Since your AC won't cool without refrigerant, you'll definitely want to have repairs done if you suspect your AC has a leak.
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Common Heating System Problems

13 March 2019
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The heating system is undoubtedly one of the most critical components of your home, especially during the winter. It provides you and your family with a reliable source of warmth; however, with heavy, regular use, the equipment may develop several issues that require the prompt attention of a heating repair company. Even top-of-the-line heating systems can break down periodically, requiring immediate repair. Here are a few of the most common heating problems you may experience.
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Should You Turn Up The Thermostat Or Use A Space Heater?

28 January 2019
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Once the cold season hits, keeping warm is one of the most important concerns in most Americans' minds. However, staying warm in winter is not a straightforward problem. Heating costs energy, and without a certain level of planning, your energy bills can eat into your monthly budget. One of the decisions that people have to grapple with is when does it make sense to turn up the thermostat and when does using a space heater make more sense.
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New To Propane, This Guide Should Help

18 December 2018
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If you have never lived in a house that has run on propane before, then you may have many questions regarding what you can expect. This article is going to cover a lot of the questions you may find yourself asking and offer you the answers to those questions. How do I get my propane tank filled? When you move into the house, you can look on the tank for a sticker that can tell you who has been servicing the tank for the previous tenants.
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What Is SEER and Why Does It Matter?

12 November 2018
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Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, is very important when it comes to an air conditioning unit. However, when the average homeowner shops for a new system, they may pay very little attention to this rating. Make sure you know what a SEER rating is and why it's so important before you invest in a new air conditioning unit for your home. What Is SEER? Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio probably sounds a bit like rocket science; however, it's a concept that's not difficult to understand.
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