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What Makes Furnace Installation So Challenging?

8 February 2020
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Have you idly browsed through the furnaces at your local home improvement store while thinking, "I could probably do that?" Every homeowner wants to save a few bucks on home maintenance, and do-it-yourself projects are an excellent option for keeping your annual ownership costs low. While there are many projects around the house that you can tackle yourself, there are some jobs that you should generally leave to a professional. While heating installation may seem relatively straightforward on the surface, this is a job that has the potential to go awry in a variety of ways.
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Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners When Having A Commercial Heating System Installed

27 January 2020
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If you are planning on having a commercial heating system installed sometime soon, it is important to have the job done right. You might be tempted to cut corners where you can so that you can save money or get your system installed more quickly, but you shouldn't do so for these reasons and more. 1. You Don't Want to Have Issues With Permits or Inspections First of all, if you don't choose the right heating system for your building or if you don't have it professionally installed, then you might have issues with getting permits for your project or with passing building inspections in the future.
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5 Signs You Should Call Your Landlord About A Heating System Issue

30 December 2019
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As a renter, you might not think that you will have to worry about heating system repairs very often. However, there might be times when you will need to call your landlord about the heater in your rental unit, such as in the five scenarios below. 1. Your Heater Isn't Working at All Turning on the heater in your apartment or rental home should be a quick and easy process, and you should be able to heat up your rental in no time.
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Expansion Valve: Operation And Problems

26 November 2019
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The thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) is a critical part of many modern air conditioning (AC) systems. The TXV regulates the flow of refrigerant in the system, which determines the amount of cooling output. Below is an overview of the workings and problems with TXVs. Operation The TXV is not a single component; rather, it is comprised of four main parts – the sensor, capillary tube, diaphragm, and valve body. The sensor detects the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant, the capillary tube connects the bulb to the diaphragm, and the latter opens and closes to regulate the refrigerant depending on the detected pressure and temperature.
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Switching From Electric To Oil Heat? Important Things To Know

24 October 2019
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For those who have previously used electricity to power their heating systems, moving into a home equipped with an oil furnace can be a real adjustment. The first thing to know is that you are not alone. In fact, approximately 5.7 million U.S. homes currently use heating oil as their primary source of heat, in addition to a significant number of commercial buildings and institutions.  While heating oil is available nationwide, it is most popular in the Northeast, with New York and Pennsylvania holding the top two spots and three smaller northeastern states rounding out the top five states for heating oil consumption.
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