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My Air Conditioner Is Freezing In Summer? Tips To Pinpoint And Correct The Problem

6 January 2017
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The summer is upon you, and as the temperatures rise, you rely more and more on your trusty central air conditioner. However, one morning you turn on the A/C expecting to feel a cold blast of air when all of the sudden, you notice the unit isn't working. Upon further inspection, you discover something very strange: your air conditioning unit is frozen! Don't panic because this is a common problem, and typically, there are only two reasons why your air conditioner has decided to freeze in the middle of summer.
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3 Hurricane-Preparedness Tips for Your Plumbing

6 October 2016
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When hurricane season is in full swing, you hear plenty of recommendations for how to prepare. You're told to board up your windows, stock up on water and nonperishables, and secure your gutters. But do you know how to prepare your plumbing for a hurricane? One of the big threats of a severe storm or hurricane is the possibility of flooding, which can overwhelm your plumbing system and cause significant damage.
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The Importance Of Properly Matching Your Central A/C System

25 May 2016
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The average central air conditioning system consists of two halves -- the indoor unit containing the evaporator coil and blower fan and the outdoor unit containing the compressor and condenser coil. Both are designed to work in unison to keep your home cool and comfortable. When one half of your A/C system breaks down, it's tempting to replace only that half with a newer and more energy-efficient component. However, doing just that could be the start of an expensive and ultimately fruitless journey.
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That Hissing Noise: What It Means For Your Air Conditioner And How To Fix It

20 May 2016
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Although today's air conditioning systems are designed with quiet performance in mind, they still make a negligible amount of noise. However, certain noises can signal the start of malfunctions that could potentially sideline your A/C system if they're not caught early on. If the gentle hum of your A/C gives way to a hissing sound, there may be a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Periodic Hissing Noises
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Don’t Let Your A/C Give You The Cold Shoulder This Season

10 May 2016
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A frozen evaporator coil is one of the most common problems homeowners face when it comes to their A/C systems. A thick coating of frost can not only stop your A/C from cooling effectively, but it can also cause long-term damage to your system if the problem isn't fixed. The following explains the common causes of an A/C freeze-up, as well as tips you can use to fix the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.
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